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Whether you're Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Roger Clemens, Mariano Rivera, Hideki Matsui a little leaguer or on the works softball team you need the right equipment to play your best. Bats, gloves, catchers mitts, nets, pitching machines we have all the information to help you find the best available.

All the modern manufacturers of baseball and softball gear are covered - A2000, Akadema, Diamond, Franklin, Kangaroo, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno, Nike, Rawlings, Wilson etc - with extra details on the history of equipment and it's development through the ages, how to buy and how to maintain your gear. All here to help you get the best performance on the diamond.

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What is Baseball Gear ?

The old time professional wood bats were the size of a red wood tree. They weighed as much as five men could handle and could knock down a brick wall with one whack. Mighty men like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb wielded these manly bats with a skill and precision that no modern day baseball pro could ever dream to have.

Then again, Ruth and Cobb didn't have hurlers that registered triple-digit with their fast balls. They didn't face the advanced and near magical pitching technique of the Braves bullpen or the Yankees superstars. Today's batters need to fight fire with fire, and so the technology behind today's professional bats has to match the velocity and movement of today's professional pitchers.

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